theUncommonGreen® is a contemporary design house located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our contemporary products include unique barware, home accessories, furniture, and custom art. At theUncommonGreen, we strive to present one-of-a-kind products with eco-friendly manufacturing in mind. Our goal is to provide practical but striking consumer goods of the highest quality.

Product design services are also available for your business or personal project needs. We love helping out small companies and start-ups that need design expertise but may have limited resources to invest. Whether you’re developing a new cocktail tool that you’d like to produce in bulk or you want a one-off, custom dining room table, we can help!

Design in a different light. Materials used unconventionally. Products for everyday, hands-on interaction, in a more natural manner.


Your habitat should be more than just habitable. That’s where we come in. We design contemporary home goods and other products with the philosophy that life is meant to be fun and interesting. And while we’re at it, we also try to look out for the habitat we all share—good old planet Earth.

When we’re not messing around on something new in our workshop here in Boston, we like to get out there and talk to folks, find out what makes them tick. We love collaborating on just about anything—from shop interiors to a custom gift for someone special who deserves to have their socks blown off. We’re all about people and community, so drop us a note at and let us know what’s on your mind!


Our founder, Brian Johnson, started theUncommonGreen in 2009 to make everyday products that meld artistry with functionality, practicality with wit, and style with sustainability. Drawing inspiration from his background in mechanical engineering and industrial product development, Brian started looking for ways to incorporate high-performance industrial materials into designs for the home. Among his earliest creations was an end table made with “flotsam”, a composite used on the decks of U.S. Navy Destroyers and deep sea applications for buoyancy control. Another was the Pi Bottle Opener, a piece of pure steel that relentlessly cracks open beers while paying homage to our favorite irrational constant. As new designs piled up in his apartment, it became clear that they were ready to be shared, and thus the UCG was born.

Along the way, Brian’s college buddies Dave and Neil came on board to help propel the UCG vision that great design really can make the world a better place to live. Ever since, we’ve been committed to building our company on five essential qualities—creativity, ingenuity, craftsmanship, honesty, and pride.




We aim to bring to you exceptional goods with a conscience. We are passionate about sourcing our materials and packaging from U.S.-based companies, and we’re all about partnering with local artisans and small businesses to bring our designs to life. We strive to protect our environment through Earth-friendly materials and practices while making a difference in our communities through charitable giving and public service. These core values—and a promise to treat every customer like family—are behind everything we do.

So thanks for visiting with us. Stay as long as you like and come on back any time!