Think. Design. Repeat.

Years of Experience
Brand Identities Developed
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I am a design engineer for Keurig in Burlington, MA.
I am also the founder, CEO, and lead creative of theUncommonGreen.

What I do.


Spending time understanding what/who you are designing for is a huge first step in the design process. I like to spend time doing independent research as well as listening to what people like or are looking for as it relates to each project I work on.


Creating a first viable concept with both virtual models and something to hold in your hand offers a powerful step in narrowing brainstormed concepts. I approach this differently depending on the scale of the project and how I would like the customer to be able to interact with the prototype to provide feedback.


Narrowing down the prototypes to a final option that can be scaled up is something I really enjoy doing. Bringing a concept into reality has real world limitations that I love finding solutions to, everything ranging from manufacturability to cost come into play all while keeping as true to the design intent.


Designing is never really complete.  With a commercialized product in hand there is always room for refining and improving the product and all of this learning is fed back into new product concepts and design.